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fig #1: my career aspirations over time

Developer. Podcaster. Nerd.

I’m a frontend developer, specializing in complex UI for web apps. I tinker with all sorts of things but my current interests are data-visualisation, web-audio, and modular synthesis. I enjoy building funny little interactive charts, and I cling onto my music-tech roots by creating FX modules and instruments that exist solely in-browser.

Lately I've gone deep into the world of Eurorack modualar synths, and cannot get enough of making music without computers. But first-and-foremost I make things for the web.

I work as a software engineer at J.P.Morgan, and used to work at Cronofy (where we encountered almost every timezone bug imaginable). I co-host the A Question of Code podcast and I spend most of the day glued to Twitter as @thomashazledine.

Podcasts for Nerds

I often bore my friends by going on and on about great podcasts I've heard lately. But doing this one-on-one was getting a little stale, so I've launched a weekly podcast-recommendations newsletter so I can bug lots of people all at once!

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