fig #1: my career aspirations over time

Developer. Podcaster. Nerd.

I’m a frontend developer, specializing in complex UI for web apps. Check out my RSS reader app RSS is Awesome and my ESM-first static site generator JS.SSG.

I think there are still a lot of ways that design-focused and user-friendly web-tech can "make the world a better place" (🤮) and I'm enjoying being a part of that process.

Where to start

Don't know much about me? I'd say these posts are the most "representative" of the work I like to do. They're all deep-dives into something JavaScript-related, and follow a loose "tutorial/explainer" structure.

Popular posts

These are the top performers from a page-view standpoint. (a.k.a. what Google thinks is my "best" content... )

  1. Bullet Journal Revisited

    The Bullet Journal is a system for Getting Things Done. One nested pen-and-paper list that gets rewritten every morning.

  2. Getting to grips with SVG markup

    SVGs are complex, for sure, but that very complexity gives them their power. And we don't need to know the intricacies of the co-ordinate system to harness that power.

  3. What is a decibel, anyway?

    The decibel has always confused me. I did some research, and it turns out the decibel is actually pretty interesting.

More about me

I tinker with all sorts of things but my current interests are data-visualisation, web-audio, and modular synthesis. I enjoy building funny little interactive charts, and I cling onto my music-tech roots by creating FX modules and instruments that exist solely in-browser.

Lately I've gone deep into the world of Eurorack modualar synths, and cannot get enough of making music without computers. But first-and-foremost I make things for the web.

I work as a software engineer at J.P.Morgan, and used to work at Cronofy (where we encountered almost every timezone bug imaginable). I co-host the A Question of Code podcast and I spend most of the day glued to the Fediverse at @thomashazledine@mastodon.social.

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