Fullpage screenshots in Firefox

I crawled through rafts of Firefox and Chrome extensions trying to take a screenshot of an entire webpage. It turns out Firefox can do it natively.

Every now and then I need to take a screenshot of an entire webpage, generally to use in my portfolio. Manually positioning the cursor for a cmd shift 4 screenshot (on a Mac) feels a little imprecise for my tastes, and I want to capture the whole of a site, not just the area visible in the viewport.

All the browser extensions I tried turned out a little buggy. Areas of the page would be repeated, like a visual interpretation of a CD skipping, or fonts would render strangely, as if they'd been run through an IE8 simulator or something.

Finally I stumbled upon this neat little trick. Sadly it doesn't help me get girls or lose weight like all the “one weird trick” pop-up ads keep promising me, but it does mean I can take a screenshot of an entire webpage using one line of code.

The answer!

Navigate to the page you want to shoot and open up Firefox's Developer Tools command line using shift f2 (Mac users might need to remember to press fn as well, if their keyboard rebinds f2 to increase the monitor's brightness). Then all you need to do is type the following line:

screenshot --fullpage YourFileNameHere

And voilà! A screenshot has been taken of the current page in its entirety – not just the visible area! If you're super lazy, you can even leave off the file name; Firefox will just use the current date and time to save the image under.

I found I needed to crop off a sliver of transparency on the right hand side when I opened the shots up in Photoshop, but that's a small price to pay for the time saved not having to stitch together various peepshow-views of a page.

See it in action

You can see some of the screenshots I took using this method over on my portfolio page. ~The ‘phone’ view of the Atlantic Brewery page is particularly long and thin – an image I'd have struggled to create using any other method.~

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