My career aspirations over time…

Hello. I'm a front-end developer and data-visualization geek from Cornwall.

Data without context is not information. In the burgeoning “Internet of Things” industry, we generate a lot of data. The big challenge now is making that data useful.

To get real insight from our data it must be presented in a useful way. I’m a web-specialist at heart, and I believe that web-technologies make the best interfaces for our IoT projects.

If you also think the web (and the burgeoning IoT industry) is a force for good, follow me on Twitter @thomashazledine, or if 140 characters isn’t enough you can always reach me by email at

When I’m not tinkering with sensors and Raspberry Pis or making websites, I muck about with CSS illustration and build interfaces for the web audio API, including a fully-functional synthesizer built using JS, HTML and CSS.