Hello. I'm a front-end developer and UX designer from Cornwall.

Lover of beer, whisky and lettering. I try to build things that are "of the web", not just "on the web".

If you like working with HTML <audio> and the Web Audio API, checkout SFAP.js and my keyboard project. SFAP.js is an open-source tool that allows us to style an audio player with CSS. My keyboard project is a fully-functional synthesizer built using JS, HTML and CSS.

And if you like CSS calisthenics, have a look at my CSS tape player. Not “useful” in the slightest, but a fun bit of illustration built in the browser. Illustrator and Photoshop are for chumps! (unless, of course, you’re building super-performant resolution agnostic inline SVG icons…)

You can catch me on Twitter as @thomashazledine, or if 140 characters isn’t enough you can always reach me by email at tom@tomhazledine.com; I’m always happy to answer questions, receive advice, or engage in spirited debate.